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Business Member Gallop Web Services has achieved award-winning success as a full-service web and technology company including winning the honor of Loudoun Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Small Business of the Year, and several industry and community awards. Gallop Web Services offers creative online business solutions to commercial, public sector, government, healthcare clients and of course equestrian organizations including Northern Virginia Working Equitation (NOVAWE).

Chief Executive Officer and lead web developer Kathi Watts started the business in Northern Virginia ten years ago, and offers web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), content, social media services, and web hosting. The Gallop Web Services team leverages over 40 years combined technology and web services expertise for small to corporate sized businesses to manage, maximize, and optimize their online presence and achieve their business goals.

Gallop Web Services - Kathi Watts & horse Redbone

Gallop Web Services – Kathi Watts & horse Redbone

Watts was invited to a working equitation (WE) clinic by NOVAWE founder and Board member Diane Hutchinson. After attending this first NOVAWE Allison Reed WE clinic with her thoroughbred Redbone she was hooked. The obstacles added a whole new and fun dimension and they both found a new sport to learn and grow their partnership as a team. “I like that it brings together everything we need so that Redbone can become an even better horse and I can become a better rider. We truly learned how to work together. We also learned that we had to unlearn a few things,” Watts said with a laugh.

Gallop Web Services currently hosts and maintains NOVAWE’s website and Kathi Watts serves as Webmaster, helping the marketing committee to keep current and always adding enhancements. Her efforts were instrumental in promoting NOVAWE’s successful fundraising auction in February and recently she created a password protected page that NOVAWE members can log into for NOVAWE event advance registration information.

Watts has loved horses and riding for as long as she can remember. She got serious with riding lessons as a young adult and purchased her first horse at 40, embarking on a new adventure of horse ownership and keeping horses at home. About her website business, “I initially thought I would start the business to support the horse industry and work with equestrians,” so she included “Gallop” in the name, a fun gait and also originating from a personal email address she has had for years.  Quite quickly Gallop Web Services grew to service all types of businesses.

Watts also shares her talents with Tri-State Riding Club, in which she has been an active member for almost two decades. It was her first foray into web development when Kathi took over the content and maintenance of the Tri-State website in 2002. Working closely with the club leadership and members she has transformed the design, content, and site functionality over the years. Watts adds, “I’ve worked with Tri-State over several years and different iterations of the site through redesign, new brand, improved functionality, and mobile website capabilities.” Gallop Web Services continues to support Tri-State website through hosting and website maintenance.

Gallop Web Services - Web Design, SEO, Online MarketingNOVAWE’s Marketing Committee chair “can’t say enough about the talents and support Gallop Web Services has provided NOVAWE. I value Kathi’s state-of-the art knowledge and her ideas are always spot on,” said Diane Hutchinson. “Kathi takes raw ideas and creates a beautiful and functional website so quickly, and then has supported us with new and fresh additions,” said Hutchinson. Also, NOVAWE is secure in in the knowledge that the site is optimized so folks can find us in searches, cyber security protected, and looks and operates great on mobile. “Kathi is excellent to work with,” endorsed Hutchinson, who has set up and operated two websites with Gallop Web Services.

Kathi attributes Gallop Web Services success to the full-service media skills and expert consulting approach her team utilizes to advise and assist clients to optimize their marketing dollars to meet their goals and objectives. Gallop Web Services, LLC is registered at the State and Local level as a Small, Women and Minority Owned business and is also CCR registered with the Federal government.

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By Kristin Mango

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