Spotlight – Cavalor and Sarah McClaflin by Diane Hutchinson

Cavalor is a prolific brand of feeds, supplements and horse products from coat and hoof care to leather care.  The Belgium based company was established over 30 years ago and entered the US market about 11 years ago.

Manufacturing stateside is in Dalton, GA. Many materials for Cavalor products do come from Belgium.  Cavalor is represented in NOVAWE’s area by Sarah McClaflin, a local horse woman who  serves as Cavalor’s Mid Atlantic Client Relations Manager.  Cavalor joined NOVAWE’s Business Member ranks this summer, and their much-appreciated support included providing prize buckets for our November 6th show at Frying Pan Farm Park.

“I am happy to discuss nutrition and feed with any barn or horse owner,” said McClaflin who enjoys working at the barn level and talking to barn and horse owners about their horses’ nutrition. A big part of her job is to work with retailers in our area that carry Cavalor including Southern States in Purcellville and Winchester, Clearbrook Feed and Supply in Clearbrook, Berryville Farm Supply, Upperville Farm and Feed, and Tri-County Feeds, Fashion, and Finds in Marshall. “Also, we work with on-line retailers.” Corro is one of Cavalor’s prime on-line retailers; also SmartPak, Chewy, and Farm Vet carry their products.

Cavalor feeds “use a puffed grain technology,” explained McClaflin.  “The feed looks a little bit different; it looks like trail mix, and you can see everything in the feed; the digestibility is higher than your normal grains,” McClaflin explained.  “When we puff the grains, it explodes the starch molecules, which aids in digestibility and really helps the horses.  With Cavalor feeds, the horse will not experience the glucose peaks that you see in some other feeds,” McClaflin continued “and the energy is sustaining.” (Click to review Cavalor Feeding Starch Fact Sheet)

There are many types of mixes to support the many types of horses’ and ponies’ needs.   “Everything from easy keeper pony in a backyard to performance horses and racehorses; our customers really see the results,” said McClaflin, who will readily provide scientific studies and testimonials.

McClaflin herself chose NOVAWE to support having participated in a couple of Working Equitation clinics on her own horse. “What I liked right away about WE was that any horse can do it. This sport aligns well with Cavalor’s products as they provide benefits to all types of equine.”

McClaflin and her horse Music participated in a NOVAWE clinic instructed by Melissa Smith of Smart Alex Equestrian.  “What attracted me is I thought WE was something interesting for my horse, an older Thoroughbred, to do. Even at the basic level, it keeps his mind active,” said McClaflin.  They also rode in a WE clinic at Briar Creek Farm under Suzanne Liscouski.  “It was fun for both of us, and I enjoyed the diversity of the group of horses and riders,” McClaflin added.

In her role as Cavalor’s Mid Atlantic Client Relations Manager, McClaflin also liaisons with the stores and assists to connect Cavalor’s products to barn customers.  Her territory is vast including all of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and part of Delaware.  Whatever the location, she can help you find a store in your local area and help you navigate the product lines. With over 40 supplements from electrolytes to calming aids to gastric, respiration and hoof supports and more, the comprehensive quality product line, including their feeds, has something for every horse in your barn.

Horses have been important in McClaflin’s world starting in childhood but have been the main focus since 2015.  She is still involved in 4-H with horses and is currently one of the Clarke County Light Horse and Pony 4-H club leaders. She started as a working student, then became a barn hand for many barns, including the eventer Rebecca Lee.  McClaflin keeps her horse in Purcellville, VA and rides in a variety of horse sports with a focus on hunter pleasure.

To learn more about Cavalor’s extensive product line you can visit reach out to Sarah McClaflin directly at  [email protected].