Spotlight – Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Total Equine Veterinary Associates - photo of Dr. Jay Joyce

Total Equine Veterinary Associates – Dr. Jay Joyce

NOVAWE Business Member Total Equine Veterinary Associates of, Leesburg, VA., delivers advanced, comprehensive, total equine care. Dr. Jay Joyce, DVM and his team offer a state-of-the art mobile equine clinic environment. “Dr. Jay,” as he is known, and his wife Paula built Total Equine Veterinary Associates (TEVA) upon steadfast principles familiar to most equestrians: PERFORMANCE. WELLNESS. EXCELLENCE.

TEVA brings best-in-class technology and cutting-edge medicine directly to clients. Since 2010, Total Equine Veterinary Associates has refined and leveraged technology, innovation, and client services with an ongoing commitment to education.

Dr. Jay and Paula are excited about Working Equitation and are happy to support NOVAWE. “Putting horses through challenges develops the relationship, trust, and enhances longevity, activity, performance and success,” said Dr. Jay. Working Equitation is a sport that offers mind and body movement. “The consistent, low-level physical aspects of obstacle work are not stressful on the horse’s body but challenge the horse to think which contributes to increased cognitive ability regardless of age or daily activity level,” he added.

Dr. Jay is a life-long horseman. As a young man from San Juan Capistrano, CA, Jay Joyce broke horses for the local cowboys. He explains, “I didn’t know there was any other saddle or style of riding than western. Cowboys needed horses to know ranch work so we bought and trained horses to do what they needed.”

From this passion for purposeful horsemanship, Joyce and his wife shared the vision of their own farm. They discovered a fantastic, 17-acre homestead near historic Gilberts Corner, VA. Along the smooth blacktop tree-lined driveway and grass pastures, there’s a charming, well-designed nine stall barn across from a beautiful, well-lit outdoor arena with a wall of mirrors (left from their original owner, a Grand Prix dressage rider.) Spectacular views of Bull Run Mountain surround a lovely farmhouse. The farm boasts private, oversized paddocks, in front of a spacious two stall quarantine barn and two additional private pastures behind it.

TEVA hopes to host future playdays, clinics and shows for NOVAWE to further support this growing equestrian sport.  Visitors will enjoy the wide drive that has plenty of parking for trailers and trucks.

A key element of achievement is community. A new level of excellence in equine care can and likely should be considered a community effort. To that end, TEVA offers three to six annual educational, informational, client-driven seminars based on daily care, management, and maintenance. There’s so much to know, learn, and share! Clients determine topics of interest and concern. TEVA brings together specialists, equestrians, and subject matter experts who can offer perspective, expertise that helps facilitate and develop a comprehensive care program.

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By Kristin Mango