BECOME A NOVAWE MEMBER — Individual and Youth Memberships offered.


Consider supporting NOVAWE by becoming a Sponsor for any of our events. More information to come.

NOVAWE  Membership

(January 1st through

December 31st) 

NOVAWE members will enjoy a host of benefits, chief among them a community with other like-minded Working Equitation enthusiasts—together we will grow and share this amazing discipline that encompasses so many intricate skills while being so darn fun!  Our organization offers a local, cost effective and supportive way to improve your horsemanship and precision in your riding, whatever your discipline or skill level. Cross train with WE and see where it leads you.

Northern Virginia Working Equitation (NOVAWE) was created for the purpose of promoting the equestrian sport of Working Equitation in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. NOVAWE will promote Working Equitation by providing educational insights through our social media and seminars, and mounted events, Play Days, Lessons, Clinics and Shows.  NOVAWE encourages horsemen of all disciplines to develop a harmonious relationship with horses through training and education while enjoying WE.

NOVAWE Membership

Individual/Youth  Member & Family Member Benefits

  • Help grow the sport of WE in Northern Virginia
  • NOVAWE Facebook Member-Only Group
  • Advanced notification of NOVAWE sponsored events
  • Eligible for End-of-Year Awards Program for Open and Amateur riders in the various WE levels
  • Opportunity to participate in WE Events & improve your horsemanship
  • Quality learning in a low stress, fun, & supportive environment
  • Non-riding WE and horsemanship learning opportunities
  • Representation at the State, Regional, and National Levels
  • Represent NOVAWE at clinics, schooling shows, and licensed shows
  • Able to order NOVAWE logo apparel and items
  • Free auditing to most NOVAWE events

NOVAWE Founding Members