NOVAWE Sponsors

Thank you Professional Horse Services for the generous 2023 donation which NOVAWE will use to defray expenses at our first USA Working Equitation Show in April!

We Appreciate you!

Tri-State Riding Club and NOVAWE work together to support each other’s organizations. NOVAWE sponsors TSRC’s yearly Judged Pleasure Ride and many of our members volunteer at that event. TSRC often gives us permission to borrow their obstacles stored at Hampton Hill Farm for our small events there. TSRC also has a working equitation lesson program. Go to to learn more!


NOVAWE produces events for our members and other equestrians.  Events can include Play Days, Clinics and Shows.  

If you have a business, or you yourself would like to sponsor a class at one of our shows, provide awards for our Champions and Reserve Champions,  or participate in sponsoring our clinics, Play Days or other events, please don’t be shy — contact us at [email protected].

You will receive the greater WE community’s deepest gratitude.  NOVAWE will also offer exposure and promotion (in our media mentions) and we will provide you signage opportunities, will distribute your promotional materials at the event you sponsor, and will include you in our posts on our popular Facebook and Website.

Kim Ellis, Founding Member of NOVAWE, sponsors the Joseph Klosek Perpetual Trophy: NOVAWE Ease of Handing Overall Champion. The trophy will be awarded each year to the NOVAWE member with the highest average Ease of Handing score after removing the highest and lowest scores.

Joseph “Joe” Klosek: July 25, 1944 – March 26, 2021

Joe was very well-liked and known as a kind, compassionate, and generous person. Among his many interests, he loved fireworks, trips to the horse racetrack, marching bands, Lehigh University football, and animals. Joe took great joy in the accomplishments and activities of his children and his grandchildren, and was especially proud of Kim’s equestrian activities. Although he was not a rider, he had a great appreciation for the beauty and majesty of horses. This perpetual award trophy is given in the spirit of Joe – remembering his quick wit, dedication, kindness, and generosity.

2022 Winner: Stephanie Jennings

2023 Winner: