Northern Virginia Working Equitation


Northern Virginia Working Equitation is a member organization dedicated to promoting the growth of the equestrian sport of Working Equitation in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas through education and Working Equitation (WE) activities.  This organization welcomes all equestrian disciplines, offers opportunities to advance mounted skills and knowledge of WE, and encourages the development of a harmonious relationship between horse and rider.



 The name Working “Equitation” is defined as the art or practice of horse riding or horsemanship.  Working Equitation (WE) has something for everyone – English, western, Spanish vaqueros, gaited, as well as any breed, any age, any ambition. There are seven levels to progress through and riders from all disciplines participate together which makes it super fun and interesting.

What better place than Northern Virginia, with its wealth of horses and people who love and compete them, to organize this all inclusive amazing sport.

Whether you are just interested in acclimating your horse to obstacle work in our Play Days or becoming a serious competitor, NOVAWE can help you accomplish your WE goals.  

 For those wanting to become competitive in WE, the first of three trials (or phases) is a WE Dressage test. Learning to ride the obstacle trials well, requires complete understanding of the show rules and leans heavily on dressage training – bending, impulsion, transitions, changes in direction (and leads) – all of it “smooth, light and in balance” in the Ease of Handling Trial.  The third trial is the Speed phase were “fast and careful” is the goal.  

NOVAWE will help guide and support you, regardless of your WE ambition, through our educational programs, seminars, lessons, Play Days clinics and schooling shows.