I♥ NOVAWE Benefit Auction Feb 10-12

“WE” do ❤ NOVAWE!

What a fabulous outcome of our February 10-12 2020 on-line auction  — proceeds to NOVAWE were $2,555!

THANK YOU to all who donated items and services and who participated in the bidding!

A huge thank you to Stephanie and Mike Jennings and Professional Horse Services who donated, and managed the entire benefit auction services for NOVAWE.  Professional Horse Services is a NOVAWE Founding Business Member.  They manage and run horse sale on-line auctions regularly and we urge to to visit their site and shop or sell your next Quarter Horse, Paint or Appaloosa though their service.  Stephanie’s own Quarter Horse partner BOH High Cal Ada, who won both the 2019 National Confederation for Working Equitation Reserve Championship and Region 6 Championship (Level 2 Open), was bought through a Professional Horse Services Auction.

Professional Horse Services will be emailing the high bidders for payment and will connect them with the donors for shipping or pick-up details.

Thank you to all the individuals and business who donated items and services — we are all grateful for your support of NOVAWE. All, please support these businesses.

NOVAWE is an amazing 100% volunteer run non-profit — we have an exciting 2020 line-up of clinics, shows and other events. We are working to add numerous “drop in” Playdays as well, so check the NOVAWE events calendar often and monitor the NOVAWE Facebook pages.

With the auction proceeds we will be upgrading our obstacles and buying an audio system, so auditors can better hear our clinicians and instructors (NOVAWE members audit for free).

Business and individuals who are yet to become members, please consider joining us.  Check out the benefits of membership.  Remember members get advance notice of all NOVAWE hosted events.

Best Regards,

Northern Virginia Working Equitation (NOVAWE)

NOVAWE Benefit Auction

NOVAWE so appreciates all of the following individuals and business who donated items to benefit the I love NOVAWE on-line auction February 10-12, 2020. Through your generosity and efforts this fundraiser will help NOVAWE meet its goals to increase our clinic, show and playday offerings for our growing membership,  at reasonable rates, upgrade our obstacles, and add a sound system so our auditors can hear our clinicians better (all members audit for free).

We love NOVAWE and we love your support of this non-profit volunteer run organization that works to grow the amazing sport of Working Equitation in Northern Virginia and the surrounding area.

Adair Soho, https://anotherturntack.com/
Alla Cline, Point View Farm and NOVAWE member
Allison Reed, https://www.facebook.com/BellaVitaStables/
Another Turn Tack & Apparel,https://anotherturntack.com/
Apres-Grange Equine Products,
Barb Sullivan, https://www.oakspringequestrianllc.com/
Battlefield Equestrian Society, http://battlefieldequestriansociety.org/
Biddie Lowry, NOVAWE President
Bill Jackson, https://www.tricountyfeeds.com/
Dewey Brown, http://battlefieldequestriansociety.org/
Diane Hutchinson, NOVAWE Board Member
Elizabeth Shockley, https://tristaterc.org/
Equus Fortius,  https://www.facebook.com/equusfortius/
Flexible Fit Equestrian USA, https://ffequestrian.com/
Heather Heider, http://vanvixenfarm.com/
Hila Wever, NOVAWE member
Joanne Masterson, https://attentionmachines.com/
Kay Pfaff, https://www.coolbreezeequine.com/
Kim Hillyer, Iron Rock Farm, Dover, PA
Kimberly da Silva, WE United L Judge and Clinician
Laura Guillaudeu, NOVAWE Board Member
Lucia DiBenedetto, https://stoneleafarm.org/
Mary Flood,https://www.wildfirefarm.com/
Melissa  Smith,https://www.facebook.com/melissasmithdressage/
Michelle von Schmidt-Pauli, https://www.vspdressage.com/
Mike Jennings, https://prohorseservices.com/
Pam Knight, https://gainesvillegarage.net/
Saddlery Liquidators. https://www.facebook.com/saddlery.liquidators/
Southern States – Purcellville, https://www.southernstates.com/farm-store/store-locations/14905
Stephanie Jennings, https://prohorseservices.com/
Suzanne DeSaix, NOVAWE Member
Tarrin Warren, https://www.facebook.com/tntquarterhorses/
Total Equine Veterinary Associates, https://www.totalequinevets.com/

Also a well deserved thanks to the NOVAWE Marketing Committee members who effectively got the auction word communicated through NOVAWE’s media channels.  Thank you Joanne Masterson https://attentionmachines.com/   Kathi Watts https://www.gallopwebservices.com/  and Diane Hutchinson.