I♥ NOVAWE Benefit Auction Feb 10-12

Donate Items and Services by February 7

Then Register and Bid February 10-12!

Donate now at the form below

Bid online February 10-12 at internethorseauctions.com

The I♥NOVAWE Auction February 10-12 is NOVAWE’s main fundraiser this year. Stephanie Jennings, owner of Professional Horse Services, has generously donated auction services to benefit NOVAWE. We need you to donate items and services by February 7, and ask friends and businesses to donate and bid, February 10-12.

Donate below and register to bid on these wonderful items here starting February 10. Spread the word! Proceeds benefit NOVAWE.


How to Donate and Bid In 4 Simple Steps

  1. Choose and/or solicit item(s) and services to donate.
  2. Donate item/service to the I♥NOVAWE Auction by filling out the easy online form on this page and upload a photo.
  3. Register to participate as a buyer, bidding opens February 10-12, catalog available at internethorseauctions.com.
  4. Share and invite your friends and family, trainers, barn mates, etc. to participate as both donors and/or buyers.


What to Know About Donating and Bidding

  1. Choose Donations — Important when choosing/soliciting items and services:

  • Items can be either horse-related or non-horse-related.
  • Select items that you can mail or ship easily, as this is a national auction. Very big items can be listed as “For local pick up”.
  • Items should be worth more than the shipping cost to send to the buyer
  • Professional Horse Service conditions state that the buyer pays shipping, unless otherwise stated. The DONOR should consider also donating the shipping (which may be easier than coordinating shipping with the buyer, for small items.) If donating shipping, list on the form that shipping to the buyer is included as part of the donation.
  • Provide valid contact information so you can respond to any questions and arrange shipping when being paid by buyer.
  • At least one good picture is needed. Up to 6 pictures can be uploaded. Just snap a photo and upload. Services and businesses can use a logo or business card. You can also create a simple certificate using a photo of yourself or your service for the auction website.

Example items:

  • New or used items (in great condition with value greater than shipping costs)
  • Tack (clean and in good condition)
  • Show or riding clothes
  • Professional instructional videos
  • Jewelry
  • Weekend at a timeshare
  • Holiday gifts that may be right for a new home
  • Gift certificates to feed stores, tack, retail, or online shops (ask your favorite store or vendor if they will donate an item or gift certificate)

Example services:

  • Clinic entry
  • Private riding lesson
  • Professional services (certificate for a dollar amount or specific service)
  1. Submit Your Donation On This Form by February 7 —

Use the form above or the same form at https://internethorseauctions.formstack.com/forms/phs_20novawe_donation

Keep the item available at your location until the auction is complete.

  • If your item is not sold, you keep it.
  • If your item is sold, the proceeds from the auction will be donated to NOVAWE directly by the Auction company and you deliver the item or service to the buyer according to the terms of your donation.
  • For items you solicit from others for donation, ask the person/company to register their donated item directly to the link and they can maintain possession of the item, and ship directly to the buyer. (Or you can agree to take possession of their donation and enter it in via the form and be responsible thereafter for the item delivery.)
  1. Take part in bidding! — Mark your calendar for February 10-12

  • Register by February 10 to bid. Ask your friends, family, and barn mates to register to bid. (Bidders can register at any time up to the close of bidding for the last item – bidders are approved manually by auction staff – so it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be approved.)
  • Bidder Registration Is Required
  • To bid, register at internethorseauctions.com to be approved and to receive a bidder number in order to bid.
  • By registering to bid, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions stated by Professional Horse Services, LLC. and edjeauctions.com. Find complete details about how the auction works here: https://prohorseservices.com/resources/how-the-auction-works/.
  • On February 10, visit the Online Auction page and log Online Auction Link at Internethorseauctions.com. Once you are registered, all bidding is done online. You will be notified by email if you are the successful bidder. Bidding takes place between the opening and closing times as listed on each item. This is fun!
  1. Ask Friends and Favorite Businesses to Donate

We get out of it what we put into it.

  • After you donate, please ask your trainers, friends and businesses you know to consider donating items. Trainers, photographers, tack stores, artists, veterinarians and others will receive excellent visibility and promotion both by NOVAWE and by Professional Horse Services through its 15,000 member national email list.
  • Donors can further promote their donations, including their website information, by using the social media buttons provided in the catalog. Sharing buttons are located on the description page for each item. Your donation, website and business name can appear in front of thousands of buyers.
  • The whole auction catalog will be viewable February 8 (24 hours after submission deadline of Feb. 7). Last-minute donations may be added as time allows.
  • To help you solicit items, share this page with people and businesses you’d like to see donate and include your personal note. Use the buttons below to download the flyer to share and letter to send to people you know.

Please contact us at [email protected] with questions about the auction.

Thank you & Professional Horse Services for your generosity!

Come early and bid often on February 10 Internethorseauctions.com